A powerful recovery tool for scanning and searching your internal storage and SD card for deleted pictures. Sometimes you accidentally delete or lose your photos, and then you want to recover them again, but unfortunately, the Android operating system does not allow you to delete your lost photos.
We are offering an Android free data recovery app that will scan and show all the photos currently on your phone. You must find and select the pictures you want to return. This application is not a recycle bin, so it can retrieve old deleted photos for some time. 
Data Recover App can erase and recover lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. Routing is not required, even if you accidentally delete a photo, or repair your memory card, Discovery’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost photos and allow you to restore it.
How to use:
It’s really easy, just open the app and scan your photos. It will take some time to search for deleted or deleted photos of the Patient app, after scanning and displaying the photos in folders through the search app, it will be easy for the user to recover their photos in the desired folders. 
A quick scan
We use a quick scan to avoid scanning and search the entire device, you can get quick results in a quick scan, but as mentioned earlier it will not scan the entire device, so You will not be able to see your desired photo after scanning.
Deep scan
Depending on the storage of your mobile phone, a deep scan may take some time, but this feature will reveal all deleted photos of your phone.
Silent Feature;
Why not try this app is free.
Scanning both internal and external storage.
Quick scan and deep scan are available
No root required
Quick and easy photo recovery too
Download Application: Click Here
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