New Delhi: WhatsApp recently added eight people to its group video call feature in its beta app. WhatsApp's video call feature allows users using the beta version to make video calls with up to eight people. But now Facebook has announced that the feature, which connects eight people in a private video call, will be available to the general public, i.e. the public version, from next week.

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According to the information, both Android and iOS users will now be able to add up to eight people during a video call on WhatsApp. Notably, four people can still be involved in a WhatsApp video call. Notably, there have been reports for some time now that WhatsApp is working on increasing the number of users in video calls.

People are working from home because of the lockdown. With this feature of WhatsApp, up to eight people will be able to make video calls. Apps like Google Duo, Meet and Zoom currently allow more than four people to make group video calls.

Through the WhatsApp Video Calling feature, Android users can talk to people connected to their contacts. This feature of WhatsApp works on Android 4.1 and above. Video calls require a strong internet connection.

ust days before, WhatsApp confirmed that it was increasing the number of participants to join a video or audio call from four to eight. Since then, the social messaging app had been rolling out several Beta version for both Android and iOS smartphones. However, today, WhatsApp officially launched the update to support video calls with to eight people for iOS.
The release on the App Store for the latest WhatsApp iOS update reads that once the user updates the app, it will bring compatibility for the new video call feature.
The feature has started initially rolling out for iOS users globally today so if you do not find the update on your iPhone yet, you might like to wait a while till it reaches you. Otherwise, you may also uninstall and reinstall the app to see if the update gets enabled on your phone or not.
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