We know that our country is moving towards digital. The government is distributing tablet in the country. The people and government of our country are making many efforts to move our country towards digital. We know that countries like the US and China are at the forefront of the digital revolution and our government is working hard to make our country move forward in this area.

Our government also distributes free tablets to students for the purpose of making our country digital. Students in the country are given free tablets by the government so that they can study at home in the digtal revolution.

Tablet Yojana gujarat

Our government has brought out the student tablet yojana so that the student can sit at home and study properly and get proper practice while sitting at home. But due to lock down in our country, the tablet has not been distributed for the last one or two years. And for that the student made representations several times.

In pursuance of the students’ presentation, the government has asked for free tablet to the students before Diwali and for the three lakh students to get the tablet before Diwali. The government has also said that students who have studied in the year 2019-20 who were not given tablets will also get tablets before Diwali.

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