Incident / Extraordinary child from Mars, reborn to save mankind, see what shocking revelations

Boriska Kipriyanovich, a resident of the Russian city of Volgograd, has shocked the world with an extraordinary revelation.

Shocking revelations of a Russian child

Said I came from Mars

Came to earth to save mankind

A Russian child has made some claims that are hard to believe. Media reports call him a 'child genius' who has stunned experts. The child is claiming to be a native of Mars and has been 'reborn' on Earth. Boriska Kipriyanovich of Volgograd, Russia, says he lived as a "Martian" on the red planet before beginning his new life as a human.

At the age of 11 he issued some warnings about the earth

Scientists around the world have been amazed by his extraordinary knowledge of space. The baby first appeared in 2013 when he issued some warnings about the earth at the age of 11. He claimed that his species was completely destroyed in a nuclear war thousands of years ago. And our earth is now moving in the same direction. Boriska said the clay men would face a catastrophe like ‘his people’. He said he was sent here on a mission to save mankind.

Age does not increase after 3 years on Mars

Boriska says she "remembers" that she was a pilot on Mars and traveled to Earth after her planet was destroyed in battle. He claimed that there are still some people on Mars. He said that he had been reborn on earth with 'other people' to save mankind from destruction. Boriska's claims did not stop there, he said, adding that some people on Mars are immortal and stop aging after the age of 35.

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