A picture is going viral on social media which claims that a complete lockdown is being imposed by the Indian government. 

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Lockdown in India again? COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in India. In view of the rising coronavirus cases, stringent restrictions like night curfew, weekend lockdown and lockdown have been imposed in many states of the country. Meanwhile, there is a question in everyone's mind that once again a lockdown could be announced in the entire country.

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Many claims are being made about lockdown in India on social media. A picture is going viral, which claims that a complete lockdown is being imposed by the Government of India from 9 to 19 April. However, when PIB Fact Check investigated this claim, it was found to be fake.

PIB Fact Check took to microblogging site Twitter confirming that the claim is fake. "A #Morphed photo claims that lockdown will be imposed by the Indian government from 9 to 19 April. This claim is fake. No such announcement has been made by the Indian government regarding the lockdown. Please do not share such misleading pictures or messages," it tweeted.

During this period of the COVID crisis, the trend of fake news in the country has also increased considerably. Such misleading news is seen on social media in these days. However, it has been informed from time to time by PIB Fact Check that people should stay away from misleading news.

Earlier, a website had claimed that under the 'Pradhan Mantri Yojana', any consumer can apply for a loan of up to Rs 1-2 lakh. However, when the facts of this news were investigated, this claim also turned out to be fake. No such scheme has been started by the government.

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