How to read another’s WhatsApp Message in your phone: Today most people want to read someone else’s WhatsApp message. Especially the lovers who try such tricks to keep an eye on each other. There are many such tricks on the Internet but most do not work. 

Install it after downloading. This is an Apk file, so you have to turn on the Unknown Sources option in your mobile settings, only then this app will be installed in your phone.

Step-2: Now its basic settings will come up such as selecting language and setting password.


Please set it according to yourself. After that you will get the QR code,

Step-3: Now whose WhatsApp message you want to read in your phone, you should have the phone for some time. As soon as his phone comes to you, open his whatsapp and go to the whatsapp web option in the menu

Step-4: will be asked to scan the QR code here. Now scan the QR code of the whatscan app installed in your phone from whatsapp of his (victim). In a few seconds, his WhatsApp will connect to your whatscan, then return his phone

Now you will see that all his groups, personal chatting, all messages, photos & videos will start coming in your phone. In this way you can read other’s whatsapp msg in your phone through whatscan app.

As long as he (whose Whatsapp you scanned) does not go to his phone and logout in the whatsapp web, all his whatsapp messages will keep coming in your phone.

How to read another’s WhatsApp message in Computer (Computer Me Dusre Ka Whatsapp Message Kaise Padhe)

Step-1: If you encounter any problem in reading whatsapp chat on your phone, you can try the same method on computer. For this, open any internet browser in your computer and go to

Step-2: After this, the official website of whatsapp web will be opened. Here a QR code will appear on your computer screen.

Step-3: Now open the Whatsapp in the mobile of the person who wants to read whatsapp chat and go to the menu option. Select whatsapp web here.

Play Store App: – Download 

Step-4: After this, the QR code scanner will open in WhatsApp. Scan the QR code appearing on the computer screen with this scanner. In just a few seconds the WhatsApp of that mobile will be connected to the computer. Then you can read all the personal & group chats of his WhatsApp.
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