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The latest Amazon update apps for Fire TV 2 have severed the connection between Fire and Fire TV. Now on the first connection you have to confirm “Allow USB debugging” for your Fire TV. Please confirm when this dialog appears on the TV screen.

In case of problems the developer often helps to turn off and restart options.Please subscribe to this application’s beta program and try out new updates.Maybe you can’t find your favorite app on your FireTV. With this app “Apps2Fire” (Apps to Fire) you can upload every Android app from your Android phone or tablet to your Fire TV or Fire TV stick.

All you have to do is enable developer options on your Fire TV and enter the Fire TV IP address in Apps 2 Fire.

The developer of the sidloading Fire TV uses the options described in the Help section of Apps2Fire. Developer options are sometimes unreliable so be patient with it. If you are having problems turn off and restart the developer options on Fire TV and restart Fire TV frequently.

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Push apps from mobile to Fire TV

Launch apps on Fire TV

Download apps from Fire TV to your mobile

Uninstall apps from Fire TV

Upload files (.apk, .jpg, .mp4, …) from your SD card to Fire TV

Rename the files on the Fire TV’s SD card

Take screenshots from the Fire TV screen

Scanner for devices

Pause and restart Fire TV

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