Download Creality Cloud – 3D Printing Platform Application Easily. Meet the completely new Creality Cloud, designed for 3D printing hobbyists. Creality Cloud is a platform for 3D printing creation and an ever-growing community for EVERYONE.

Main features

3D Model Library

● Discover unlimited high-quality 3D printable things from talented 3D designers

● Save 3D printable objects on desktops or phones and build them with your printer

● Easy-to-use tool to import STL files from Thingiverse

પરિપત્ર વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Where a normal printer is able to print only in 2D, a 3D printer is more advanced than this and it can print three dimensional things just like a real object. With this you can design the object as you imagine. This ease and accessibility is what a 3D printer offers you.

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If you do not know about 2D or 3D then these are 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. Meaning that if an object is placed on a plane surface, then its position in it can be seen in the x axis, y axis and z axis. With this you can see the depth of that object, 3D object is completely visible like real objects.

Built-in Slicer

● Slice 3D models and generate G-codes on your mobiles and tablets

● Dive into custom slicer settings for granular control

● Upload G-code files directly from Ultimaker Cura

Makers’ Tools

● Moon Lamp Maker

● Image to Lithophane Generator

● More tools coming soon

Live Control

● Manage and monitor your printers wherever with a phone

● Modify settings as needed whenever during printing

● Virtually share your printer with friends to build objects together

Communities & Channels

● Follow and stay in touch with your favourite designers from communities

● Stay on top of 3D Printing trends across various channels

● Create or join groups to discuss and dig deep into any 3D printing topics.

Creality Cloud is a free and open 3D platform for everyone to use, share, and discuss.

Have questions, suggestions, or feedback? Email us:

It doesn’t matter whether you just entered the 3D printing game or are already 3D geeks. We look forward to hearing from you.

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