namaskr friends is currently running a national scholarship yojana by the Government of India.  Under the National Scholarship Scheme, those who fall into the minority are eligible for scholarships.

We know that students are eligible for scholarships every year by the government to assist in education and they are entitled to many benefits under this scheme.  

All students from Std. 1 to Phd are eligible to benefit from this scheme.
Since we put the child in the first standard, he has received scholarships many times and now in the digital age, scholarships come directly to the bank account.  So you too can take advantage of this scheme

The Scholarship Program is applicable to individuals  candidates from economically weaker sections below poverty lines.  The documents for the same will be as prescribed by statutory norms and is open to those desirous candidates individuals who have all the requisite documents at the time of making an application. 

 The specific details of the categories, eligibility criteria and entitlements of the Scholarship Program have been provided herein below.

 It is the sole responsibility of a candidate to go through 
the categories and the corresponding eligibility criteria as mentioned below and apply for the applicable category.

All the students belonging to the minority community should take advantage of this scheme and be sent to further studies in government as well as non-government as well as participate in the service of the government.
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