Breaking News: All schools in Gujarat closed till April 10

The state government today took another decision to curb the growing Corona infection in the state. The government has decided to discontinue offline education in schools and colleges. Consequently, offline education in schools and colleges will be discontinued by 10 April. Thus all standards will now be taught online to students. This is decision was taken in the core committee meeting

Earlier, Standard 10 and 12 schools were opened from 11 January. This was followed by classes 10 and 12, PG and last year's college. Then S.D. in the state Schools 9 and 11 were started on 1 February. Plus standard 9 to 12 and competitive exam classes. After reopening schools and colleges from 9 to 12, the education department of the state government announced the resumption of classroom education for first-year students in the colleges from 8 February.

Administrators also wanted to close schoolsIn primary school where children study together and have fun together, there is an increased fear among parents that if one of them shows signs of corona, the other may also become infected. But now less than 30 percent of the students come to school, while others are taking online education at home.

Discussions took place at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to prevent infection in Corona. There was a discussion on the closure of schools and colleges that started a month ago.


Gujarati panchanga 2021

Parents from across Gujarat were worried about Corona's growing case. There was a demand to stop academic work. Then today an important meeting of the Education Department was held. According to sources, all the academic work in the state will be done online by April 10. The program will be announced in the coming days. Thus the government has taken an important decision to stop this offline education in the state. This decision has been taken due to this increasing cases of corona.

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