Not Possible! / Bathing Thieves Peace to the people: Bathing twice a day causes this terrible damage to the body

Bathing regularly is essential for good health. 

Bathing removes dirt from the body and protects against many diseases.

Bathing twice a day should be avoided

The skin becomes dry and damaged

Extreme peace to the burglars

Many people believe that it is necessary to take a bath twice a day. 

One should get up in the morning and take another bath at night before going to bed. 

Experts say that bathing two or more times a day harms the body. 

Frequent use of chemical products on the skin during bathing can cause severe damage to the skin and hair.

Hair can be damaged

Hair looks very beautiful after washing, but frequent shampooing can ruin the hair. 

Frequent washing of the hair dries it out and dries the scalp, causing sebum to build up in the scalp. 

Daily washing of the hair produces oil in the scalp, which makes the hair look very sticky.

The skin becomes dry

Bathing regularly is a good habit, but excessive use of soap can damage the skin. 

Shower gel, soap and warm water kill good bacteria and essential oils on the skin. 

These good bacteria and skin oils help to keep the skin young and glowing for a long time.


Excessive use of shampoo can damage the hair. 

Frequent hair washing can cause itching and inflammation in the scalp, which can lead to dandruff and hair loss.

The skin may become more sensitive

Exposure to good bacteria strengthens the immune system. 

Bathing in warm water removes germs from the skin and keeps the body clean and also destroys good bacteria. 

Frequent bathing makes the skin rough and red, which makes the skin more sensitive.

Hair styling becomes difficult

Blow drying the hair after showering can give a very beautiful look. 

Doing this regularly will ruin the hair. 

Also, frequent hair washing dries and breaks the hair. 

The hair cannot be combed. 

Also styling becomes difficult.

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