The government is going to launch land Aadhaar card very soon, know its benefits

The Aadhaar card has made it much easier for the government to keep records of the people.

Land owners will also be given a unique identification of 14 letters of land like Aadhar card. This will be known as ULPIN (UNIQUE LAND PARCEL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER). This number will be with all banks and government institutions. The land will be identified.

The ULPIN will be prepared by digitizing the land records based on the latitude and longitude and will be made online.

Once the ULPIN is received, there is no need to go to the Revenue Office for land information, the record of purchase and sale of this land will also be available online based on it. It can also be printed out. There can be no tampering in the land document.

Land disputes will be reduced due to ULPIN. Because wrong registration of land cannot be done in the name of anyone other than the land owner. Borrowing from different banks on the same land will also be reduced.

The digitization of land records is currently underway and 94 per cent of the work has been completed in the country. Out of 5220 registration offices, 4883 have been made online. Pilot projects are underway in 19 states.

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