This brother melted gold biscuits in a matter of minutes and made a kilo of gold chain, such a wonderful video I have never seen before.

Who doesn't like to wear gold? But just hearing the price of gold from many people can make people sick. The process of making gold ornaments is also very interesting. One such video is currently going viral on social media. In which a gold chain is made by melting gold biscuits.

According to the viral video, the chain that is being made weighs one kilogram. This chain is being made differently from the traditional way. People were also annoyed to see the process of making this chain. The first person inside the video is seen weighing gold biscuits and gold nuggets.


After which it can be seen in the video that the expression dissolves it together with other metals. It is then molded into a rod and then shaped into a gold rod. As time goes on, this stick turns into a gold ring.

It is then cleaned and after polishing it becomes a shiny gold chain. However, all this is not so easy. Inside the video you can see how the gold chain is being made in a completely different way. The video is going viral on social media.

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