Gujarat Pakshik PDF Download 2021

Gujarat Pakshik PDF Download 2021 : Which is published every 15 days by the Information Department of the Gujarat Government. The official current affairs was happened in Gujarat every 15 days. will be mentioned in this Gujarat Pakshik Magazine.

GujaratPakshik will be first magazine. which inform every new government scheme to people of Gujarat.

Magazine of Gujarat Pakshik have articles on various interesting topics in Gujarat fortnightly. In This Magazine Education, health, public services, agriculture, employment and everything is mentioned in simple language.

Download Gujarat Pakshik Latest PDF

The Magazine of GujaratPakshik, will be extremely useful for the students who preparing for the competitive exam’s.

It mention all the upcoming events in Gujarati fortnightly, & those topics are be in the all examination. The Pakshik  Magazine can prove to be a boon for every student who are preparing for GPSC.

Gujarat Government direct connect with the people of Gujarat. by this magazine & is a transparent bond that connects the people with the government. The magazine is sent by the Government of Gujarat fortnightly in every government offices & its free for those.

Pakshik Current Affairs Download PDF

If it is appropriate to publish any important public-oriented matter in the Gujarat State in your area. you can send it to ( from email then it will be attempted to place it in Pakshik as per it value.

About Gujarat Pakshik Magazine :

Editor : Ashok Kalaria, Minesh Trivedi
Co-Editor : Arvind Patel
Executive Editor : Pulak Trivedi
Vice-Editor : Parimal Desai
Co-producer : Devang Mewada, Harshad Rupapara
Art-Director : Jasmin Dave
Distributor : Jayesh Dave, Ishwar Thakor

You Can download all latest fortnightly of Gujrat pakshik from this post.

Gujarat Paxik PDF Download 2021

Issue DateIssueDownload Link
01/11/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 21-22Download Now
16/10/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 20Download Now
01/10/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 19Download Now
16/09/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 18Download Now
01/09/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 17Download Now
16/08/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 16Download Now
01/08/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 15Download Now
16/07/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 14Download Now
01/07/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 13Download Now
16/06/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 12Download Now
01/06/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 11Download Now
16/05/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 10Download Now
01/05/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 09Download Now
16/04/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 08Download Now
01/04/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 07Download Now
16/03/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 06Download Now
16/01/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 02Download Now
01/01/2021Gujarat Paxik 2021 Issue : 01Download Now

The new year of 2021 has arrived, you have all started preparing again after a period of 1 year to get your favorite government job.

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