Currently, petrol prices have skyrocketed and on the other hand, noise and air pollution have also increased due to more vehicles. Due to this, the sale of electric vehicles has increased. If people have a fuel-powered vehicle then, it can also be run on batteries like an electric vehicle. Vipul Patel, a youth from Ahmedabad, has created a retrofit electric kit, which will fit into any two-wheeler and run like a two-wheeler electric vehicle. By installing this kit, the cost of petrol will be reduced by up to 90 percent.

Vipul Patel has also filed a patent in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) for the Retrofit Electric Kit.

Vipul Patel applied for this model in GUSEC (Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council) of Gujarat University. Within 10 days the approval was received for this model. Funds were also received from the government. Gujarat University helped in management, rights, manufacturing etc. An initial grant of 4 lakhs has also been received and another grant has been sanctioned, which will be received soon. Online pre-booking of this kit is currently going on.

ફોટો ગેલેરી by દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ

All the information and booking details about this kit are placed on the website Can be booked now from this website.

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