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Today we read the newspaper in the morning and you find out that so many people have become unemployed and the prices of so many things have gone up! After reading such news, most of them keep wondering how bad the time will be if all continue to be unemployed and inflation continues to rise. But this is not the case in real life! Wherever a human being is, he earns according to his skills. Oops! You will be surprised that many people have become beggars and become millionaires. What a wonderful way to screw people over! So if you are also unemployed, worry and identify your skills and start earning! Today the age has gone digital! Almost all work is done online! Digitization is done! At such times we have also brought for you today a way to earn digitally! Let us know!

Riser App A new digital way to earn

Today we bring you an app and platform from which you too can earn! Most people spend hours watching videos and reels on platforms like Tick Talk, Instagram. You may be watching too! But you may be surprised that the video you watch earns both the video maker and the app maker. But there is a lot of competition so you can't make money easily. But today we have brought for you the first application in India so that you can easily earn money by making videos according to your skills! This is the name of the application

Riser App! Let us know what is this Riser App and how you can make money with it!

Riser App A new digital way to earn

What is RISER APP?

So first of all let us know what is RISER APP? So this app is the first hyperlocal short video app in India on which you can earn money by uploading videos! This is the first application in India that has been created to make Indian women self reliant! The application is designed to give a platform to Indian women to use their skills and abilities. They will also be able to earn from it!

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The purpose of creating the RISER APP

There are millions of people in our country of India who have the right qualifications, skills but they cannot earn with their skills and abilities. The standard of living of these people is low! This app helps them become independent and develop as individuals!

There are millions of housewives in India who are not able to cope with household chores and cannot move forward due to other social and other difficulties. The RISER APP app overcomes all these obstacles and gives them the opportunity to show their skills in any situation. Where they use their skills to guide Indian women to be more self-reliant, self-confident and to move forward at every step!

How to make money from RISER APP?

So far we know about the goal of this application but until people make some money, it is all in vain like a dream! So now we know how people can make money by making videos here? So let us know step by step that if you also want to earn from RISER APP then what do you have to do?

Step 01 - First you have to go to RISERAPP.IN! There you have to register as a Creator!

Riser App A new digital way to earn

Step 02 - An application will open that you have to DOWNLOAD it! Then create a short video of the skills you have and upload it to the RISER APP! Now you have a question that brother this skill is real but what skills can be uploaded to the video which is valid on this application! So here we give a list of skills in which if you are proficient you can also earn money by uploading videos!

Ways to make money

This app also provides information on how you can make a video but you can also make a video in which you can make money by downloading this app in five ways!

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If you have a small or large job, you can promote it here in this app! Like beauty parlor, yoga classes, dance classes etc! You can promote any such employment here! However you have to pay for it! Here you can create a video of your own business and upload it on this app. Video Riser App will show it to the people around you! This will let the people around you know about your business! It will bring those people to you and increase your employment!


Suppose you like makeup more then you can upload a video of it in Riser App and for those who want to learn makeup from you you can teach makeup in class or online only! This will increase your income! Today, after Korona, the business of online classes has grown a lot which you can also take advantage of!

03 Online Education

Today, after Koro, people are choosing to study at home. Thus the field of online education has become very vast. Assuming your class costs 500Rs and only 100 people come to this class, you can earn 00 50000!

04 Promotion Commission

In English this is called affiliate marketing. In which you promote any type of product and if someone buys your link or you, you get commission from it! It is said that by 2025, this sector will be worth Rs 6250 crore! You can earn commission by giving link of various products in Riser App here!

4: BOOK 1:1 CALL

Everyone has problems and if you are good at solving those problems then you can earn money by keeping a call system here and advising people to make their problem filled life easier! Suppose you know astrology then you can earn money by advising people about astrology! It's called online consultancy nowadays!

05 Sale of goods

You can even sell your own items on this app! If you sell something of your own, you can earn money or you can earn money by giving a link to things related to your skills!

With the help of Premium Group you can earn very good! If you create a stock market group and give stock market tips, you can pair people in this group and earn from them! You can earn money by giving tips in this group. Suppose you add 500 people to this group and keep a 500 fee you can earn, 25,0000! What a fun thing to do!

Suppose you don't even want to make a video and even if you want to make money, you are welcome in RISER APP! These people can earn by becoming AGENT on RISER APP!


રજિસ્ટ્રેશન કરો અહીંથી

If you don't want to make a video and make money then you should think about making money as an agent on RISER APP! For this you have to join the RISER APP team! In which you will have to add new video creators to this RISER APP! It will earn you money from those people! This way after becoming an agent you earn 3% commission through RISER APP by each video creator! Which will be based on the earnings of the video maker! Suppose you add 2000 people to this app and those people earn 10,000 10,000 per month then you can earn 6 lakh rupees! All you have to do is inform people about this app and inspire them to make videos!


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