In the Act Cancer Society in 1997 to fund and produce the first "ACT Children's Oncology Service Directory" to help guide families with a child with cancer. Kilian a 6-year old boy in Northern Germany who loves motorcycles and suffers from Terminal Cancer, had his last wish come true after friends and family posted about his want on social media. 

bikers respond to 6-Yr old Kilian (suffering from Cancer) last wishes 

see bikers drive past his home and make lots of 'Krach', noise before he died as he loved the sound of motorcycles. A 6 years old boy with terminal Cancer in Northern Germany had a last wish to see bikers past his house. Family, and friends posted about it Hoping to find maybe 30 Bikers.

They were hoping for 20 to 30 bikers to turn up, however, in a fantastic show of human love and compassion over 20,000 bikers drove to his house from Germany and neighboring countries. A shining light for humanity against the darkness that our world has been living in for the past few years. It brings home what is truly important in life to love, share, forgive and care for each other, especially for the children and those that cannot care for themselves.

When I used the video I received in German and added text, the initial biker images were apparently from Brazil, the 20,000 German Bikers were real and can be seen from the detailed interviews. For that I apologize, sadly it is the world we live in. 

For my beautiful a wife who has devoted her life to helping people with cancer as an oncology nurse, and how I cried when I watched it in German originally, it is about the heart of over 20,000 bikers and what they did for a tiny boy, nothing else.

20000 Bikers નો વિડીયો જોવા અહિ કલીક કરો

The news and the positive comments fill my life with joy every day as they come in, as I pray it does yours.


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