You must be seeing such shocking videos on social media from time to time which you are very fond of. Also, whenever people come up with an idea to do something new and unique, they also make a video of it and post it on social media. Such as entertainment, dance, comedy, etc., and often they make videos of animals, birds, animals, insects, etc. in different ways. But now a video is coming out which will tear your eyes out. Let us tell you in detail.

No one is completely unaware of the reptilian appearance of a horn on the head. Then you will also be surprised to see this different kind of life. A video of a strange reptile is going viral on social media. Seeing which everyone has fallen into some thought. Watching this video, you will also feel this snake at a glance. According to the details received, it is known that this video is from Vadiya village of Surendranagar.

This strange reptile has been seen on the outskirts of the village. He was curiously surprised to see white and black stripes on his head and something like horns on his head. Seeing this creature in the field, a person made a video of it and made it viral on social media. Strange reptiles are seen in the video.

It is also worth mentioning that, for the first time, a strange reptile that looks like a snake with horns on its head is being seen. Until today, one would not have heard or seen a horned reptile anywhere. Many types of reptiles have been seen so far.

But a strange reptilian creature with such a color and horns on its head has never been seen. So now this video is going viral in social media and it is being shared a lot by people. As can be seen in the video, a field is visible. In which a person is seen searching for something in a small plant.

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So where after a few plants a strange reptile is seen walking in the field. Which is seen like 2 horns on the head like animals. Its size is small but its color is very different. Until today the strange white-striped reptile with a horn-like head is rarely seen. On the other hand, people who see this strange reptile are also lost in thought. Why is this possible?


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